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UNBOXED: Milford’s Ult1mate Next Generation Towbar

Join David and Steane while they take a close look at Milford’s Ult1mate Next Generation Towbar.

The thought that has gone into the design of this towbar is astonishing!

From the fabricated hitch, with patented Hitch-Hush system, to the unique interlocking design, stainless-steel hitch pin, locking end-plates and class-leading protective coating, the Ult1mate Next Generation Towbar is the one towbar that it’s possible to get truly excited about.

All-new 2021 Isuzu D-MAX owners will be pleased to note that there is a selection of rated drop-hitches available for their version of the Ult1mate Next Gen Towbar. That means Milford has tested the drop-hitches and they retain the full 3,500kg towbar and vehicle tow rating.

The Ult1mate Next Gen Towbar has even been designed with the DIY fitter in mind, with packaging that allows easy, damage-free delivery and an interlocking design that takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of fitment.

Designed and manufactured by Milford in Adelaide, South Australia, using only the best Aussie steel, this is a homegrown product that Aussies can be proud of!

David’s interest in blouses is a bit weird though, huh?

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