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Toyota HiLux: Top Selling 4X4 In Australia

The Toyota HiLux is officially Australia’s best selling vehicle in 2016, marking the first time in history that a ute has topped the sales charts in Australia. The HiLux with 42,104 sales edged out the Toyota Corolla (40,330 sales), which has held the No. 1 spot for the previous three years.

Not only did the HiLux take the overall sales crown in 2016, the 4X4 variant stood it’s ground against the increasingly popular Ford Ranger, to remain Australia’s favourite 4X4 – just. HiLux 4X4 sales totalled 31,076, literally a handful of sales ahead of the Ford Ranger with 30,880 sales.

Toyota Australia’s executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said the victory by HiLux marked a significant turning point in the Australian automotive industry.

“HiLux has made history as the first vehicle of its type to stand on top of the sales podium in Australia because it has broad appeal with the car-buying public,” Mr Cramb said.

Interestingly, it was the top-spec SR5 HiLux 4X4 that was the biggest selling HiLux 4X4 variant, accounting for more than 50 per-cent of HiLux 4X4 sales.

“In fact, shifting consumer preferences resulted in several ‘firsts’ in 2016: the SR5 was our biggest-selling HiLux grade and accounted for more than half all HiLux 4X4 sales; and an automatic transmission was specified by the majority of buyers.”

“While demand for [the 4X2 single cab-chassis] has not diminished, and air-conditioning has been made standard, we now sell almost twice as many top-of-the-range 4X4 SR5 double cabs fitted with luxury features such as climate-control air-conditioning, keyless entry and ignition, satellite navigation and the option of leather-accented seats.

In 2016, HiLux sales of 42,104 were the second-highest in the nameplate’s history.

The total included a record 31,076 4X4 variants – a gain of 19.8 per cent compared with an average increase of 9.6 for the segment. HiLux held the previous 4X4 record of 29,346 sales in 2013.

HiLux was the top-selling vehicle in Western Australia for the ninth year in a row, in Queensland for the 10th straight year and in the Northern Territory for a 16th consecutive year.

For nine of those 12 years, it was the outright third best-seller among all vehicles in Australia. In 2012, it was number two. Last year was the fourth time its sales have topped 40,000 deliveries.

As it happens we are currently driving an SR5 HiLux which we’ll be taking off-road with David Wilson from Adventure 4WD – look out for our review next week.

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