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The LINX system by ARB

We’ve all got a mate that has a fourbie with 15 iPad style screens, 19 different remote mounted instruments, six battery controllers, two tyre pressure monitors, three radios, two toasters, a microwave oven and about a thousand holes, thanks to all the wiring.

Well, it’s time to take a photo of his rig for posterity, because the days of 4X4 interiors looking like a teenager’s bedroom could well be over.

ARB has recently brought its LINX accessories control system to market and it’s all set to transform 4X4 interiors. LINX eliminates the need for numerous switches and centralises the command of classic switches, gauges and monitors into one smart touchscreen display.

The LINX system is a premium alternative to conventional accessory control, consisting of three main components: a user-friendly, Bluetooth enabled touchscreen display, a magnetic gimbal mount and a main control unit.

The mobile touchscreen display integrates seamlessly into the vehicle cabin and mounts to a magnetic gimbal that is installed within easy reach of the driver.

LINX offers total control of six pre-installed modules: Front & Rear Traction, Compressor & Pressure Control, Battery Monitoring, Speedometer, Air Suspension Control and an Accessory Switchboard.

LINX is built on an expandable platform, that will continue to evolve to meet the needs of 4WDers both now and into the future, with future updates to the system able to be carried out over WiFi at the press of a button.

Want to know more? Head over to ARB’s new look website where a comprehensive rundown on what the LINX system has to offer is available.

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