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Service Your Jeep… Maybe Win A Patriot X3 Camper Worth $70K!!!

Over the summer season Jeep Australia and partner Patriot Camper Trailers have had a little promotion going where you can trade in your dirty oil filter and maybe win a Patriot X3 camper worth nearly $70,000.

You’ve got four days left to get into your franchised Jeep dealer and book in your Gladdie, your Wrangler or Grand Cherokee (because they’ll be able to pull it) for a service and spend $100 or more to get yourself an entry. Spend a $1,000 and you’ll double your chances.

Now I’m a camper trailer kinda guy, been using them for twenty years now and the thought of crawling into a tent (on the ground or roof-top varieties) doesn’t float my boat one little bit, so if you’re pining for a more comfy experience and you’re a Jeeper, have a crack at this comp before it’s too late!

Here’s what the promoters had to say and yes this is lazy journalism on my part because I’m cutting and pasting from the latest press release, but the words are fitting and oh so true!

Tom Noble, Jeep Australia Director, Marketing and Communications, said he was thrilled to offer customer’s further value whilst encouraging home grown adventures. “The Jeep brand resonates with consumers as the ultimate 4×4 vehicle ready for any journey, and the Patriot’s off-road prowess ensures it is the perfect companion for your next off-road adventure.”

“What makes Jeep unique is the customisation and options available to really make your Jeep your own, and we wanted to ensure that Jeep was still inspiring adventure and exploration, in a year where travel hasn’t quite been the same,” continued Noble.

Justin Montesalvo, Managing Director of Patriot Campers was excited to see Jeep encouragingAustralians to really explore their own backyard. “We’re delighted to align with a brand that believes in exploring and getting off the grid just as much as we do. I have no doubt that the X3 is going to make
one lucky winner truly unstoppable off road, thanks to their Jeep and their new Patriot.”

Onya Tom and Justin, and thanks for giving us the opportunity to walk (sorry, drive) away with a cracker camper!

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