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Nissan Navara N-Sport Black Edition: Decal Pack Limited Edition

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Crikey, we’ve got ourselves another ‘Black edition’ 4X4! And there we were starting to worry they were falling out of favour.

This time it’s brought to us via Nissan’s lack of imagination and transforms the top-shelf Navara ST-X Dual Cab into a Navara ST-X Dual Cab with stickers and stuff.

Nissan is limiting this masterpiece to just 500 units and it’ll cost you a $3,000 premium over the ‘unadorned’ ST-X Dual Cab.

So what do you get for $3000? As with all of these ‘specials’ it’s a bunch of mostly useless dress-up ‘bits and bobs’ that make your 4X4 less usable off-road. In this case that includes a black sports bar and a black nudge bar fitted with an LED light bar. Nudge bars on a 4X4 are possibly our least favourite accessory ever, with fugly manufacturer designed examples being the least desirable of all.

Then of course there’s the “tough looking” black 18″alloys, that make fitting decent 4X4 tyres more difficult than it otherwise should be. On a positive note, the black fender flares could look great with a better wheel and tyre combo, but they alone can’t justify the premium charged to enter ‘club black’. With all of the ‘black editions’ getting about lately, there has to be a club yeah?

The black theme is wrapped up with a black gloss honeycomb grille, smoky chrome fog lamp finishers, black soft tonneau and the must have N-SPORT’ and ‘Black Edition’ decals.

Gotta love a good decal…

On sale now, the N-SPORT Black Edition is available in Cosmic Black, Slate Grey, Brilliant Silver and Diamond White.

Prices start at $54,490 (MSRP) for the 6-Speed manual and $56,990 (MSRP) for the 7-Speed auto; with some great value deals available for those with an ABN according to Nissan.

“The N-SPORT Black Edition gives the Navara a tough looking make over,” said Nissan Australia managing director Richard Emery.

“Black is all the rage at the moment and certainly makes the Nissan Navara ST-X Dual Cab stand out.

“With its aggressive but stylish look, and limited numbers, we think this will be a popular variant for Ute buyers.”

We’d really like to see one of these ‘special editions’ actually improve the vehicle, particularly for off-road users. It will take more time and effort than slapping a bit of black paint and a few decals around, but good things take time…and effort.

If you’re a dead set 4X4 enthusiast, sign-up for our FREE eMag here > The Magazine

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