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Navigator Buddies – Your Best Friend On Any Trip

If you’re a caravaner, or you go all gooey over canvas escapes either of the tent or trailer form, you’re going to LOVE Navigator’s range of storage products found at ARB stores nationally because there are never enough slots to put stuff in.

The Navigator ‘Buddies’ are made of a very tough grey fabric called Oxford that’s stain resistant and hopefully crafted by learned scholars, and that’ll be a good thing because you know these totes are going to get murdered when on the road.

Visor Buddy

My camping experiences these days largely revolve around towing my Kimberley camper to somewhere coastal and nice where there’s an offshore zephyr putting some shape into a wave or likely a gutter that’ll hold a fish or two. Despite plenty of cavernous spaces for the bigger gear, the Kimberley lacks some smaller item storage space, and that’s where the Navigator range shines.

Outdoor Storage Buddy

With the camper set up for a stay of a few days the first install once the awning is unfurled is the Awning Buddy, a pair of straps that’ll hook up to your overhead awning frame and run down to the ground and fastened securely via a couple of tent pegs and kept under tension with springs. To that, you can hang the Kitchen Buddy and the Outdoor Storage Buddies. One neat party trick with the Awning buddy is that the straps have a set of magnets inserted in their fabric and just at the right height to secure one of man and woman’s most essential tools, the bottle opener.

Sullage Buddy

Kitchen Buddy is the essence of practical, being able to be hung from a pole or attached to the Awning Buddy’s dedicated buckles. It’s got eight sleeved pockets for utensils and four meshed compartments for those all-important condiments and the spices and with my kitchen layout, all within easy reach from the stove. I’ll throw a challenge out to Navigator that I reckon Kitchen Buddy could also be rebranded as the Tool Buddy. I know I’m going to get a second one for some campsite essentials for fixing the inevitable repairs to the travelling kit. A couple of shifters, a pair of pliers, screwdriver, surf wax, sunscreen, lures, duct tape and cable ties, all conveniently located and ready for action!

Kitchen Buddy

Outdoor Storage Buddy takes that suggestion on board for the storage of larger items. While I’ve parked his and her pairs of Havaianas in the generous pocket spaces along with the travel first aid kit, there’s still plenty of room for other bibs and bobs with meshed pockets and a zippered compartment boasting ten shelved spaces and on the back side another eight sleeved pockets.

Utility Buddy

Navigator also stretches to other campsite essentials like Sullage Buddy, Bin Buddy, Laundry Buddy, Utility Buddy, Seat Buddy, Microwave Dish Buddy, Visor Buddy and Pantry Jar Buddy, but I’ve kept the best for last. Pantry Wine Buddy! Travel and South Australian Red or White wine go hand in hand like crackers and cheese, and my precious cargo needs all the help it can get from criminal breakage caused by tackling a vicious track en-route to that secret spot. Wine Buddy is definitely MY buddy!

Wine Buddy – Davids best buddy!

In coming issues, I’ll review the Navigator range in full, with an epic 6,500-kilometre return road trip to Western Australia where I’ll be able to subject the Navigators to the full force of the Southern and Indian Ocean coasts. Oh, and one lucky Loaded 4×4 reader will receive a kit of Navigator product in a promotion we’ll be running soon so stay glued to our Facebook and Instagram pages for details.

Follow the link to ARB’s website and explore the Navigator Buddy range  –

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