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Issue 009 of our FREE digital mag is out now!

Welcome to issue 009 of Loaded 4X4!

We’re sporting an all-new look and feel and we hope you like it. The full nip and tuck was undertaken by the very talented Tanya Mills. We love your work Tanya, and we thank you. To celebrate we’ve packed four new 4X4 reviews into this issue, two special features, two travel extravaganzas and a whole heap of Good Gear!

New 4X4 reviews.

In this issue, we’ve reviewed the JL Wrangler Rubicon, a pair of Jimnys and the Range Rover Sport SVR.

According to our editor, one of them is the best 4X4 he’s driven, possibly ever and no, it’s not the Rangie. Ray wouldn’t let him drive that one.

We’ve been everywhere man.

Well, not really, but that doesn’t stop David Wilson regaling us with another Jeep infused and fascinating Hawaiian Big Island adventure, or Steane stealing a D-MAX and driving to Alice Springs in search of a decent coffee. At Loaded 4X4, no adventure is too big, and no quest is too small or irrelevant.

Making IFS suspension work.

You may remember Max and his custom N80 HiLux from issue 004? Well, Max is back with some great advice for anyone wanting to improve their IFS 4X4’s ability, which includes running big tyres and being prepared to do a bit of panel work. This one is for the serious off-roader.

And there’s plenty more where all of that came from. Click here to start reading 009!

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Interview with Teri Palmer from Big Island Jeep Club – Kona Hawaii

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