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It’s FREE – Issue 006 out now!

That’s right 4X4 enthusiasts, issue 006 of our unique and FREE magazine is out now and you can check it out here –

What’s in it we hear you ask?

Well, Steane drives the Raptor and can’t quite work out what the rest of the motoring world is banging on about (what’s new there hey?).

David spends a week with the MY19 Ranger Wildtrack 3.2 and we put it back to back with the Raptor in a towing test up Mengler’s Hill in the Barossa. Mostly cos we had a couple of hours to kill before lunch at St Hugo winery, but also because, between meals, we are dedicated myth busters and rampant 4X4 enthusiasts hell-bent on exposing the truth. The wine was excellent.

Ray gets to grips with the new (well it was a while back) Discovery and we take a look at that very unique Aussie 4X4, the OKA. It’s our loaded 4X4 #16.

Out mate Vince, shocks us all with his article on Li-Ion batteries and how they can assist anyone looking to incorporate a deadly serious 12-volt system, into their 4X4, caravan or expedition vehicle.

And speaking of expedition vehicles, Mark Jones has provided an insight into what is probably (?) the largest gathering of Unimogs in the country, outside of an Australian Frontline Machinery auction.

As always, we’re delightfully free of opinion skewed by sponsorship, so no, the Amarok won’t appear out of nowhere for the win! Okay, that’s partly because we haven’t reviewed the Amarok (VW don’t answer our emails), but you know what we mean.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we’ve enjoyed putting our opinionated viewpoints altogether in the one spot for you 😀

If you missed the link above, here it is again – Click through for the read of your week!

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The Magazine

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The Magazine

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The Magazine

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