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2024 Chevy Silverado EV Revealed Today

Above: GM CEO Mary Barra talking some Silverado EV talk!

Had you ever considered hooking your ute up to your house for some extra zap? I hadn’t but in the future, you can and likely will with one of these. You see the world of EVs is going to change the way we think a motor vehicle can be used, no longer just a means of conveyance, but a portable battery pack that can power a house, or a street.

Above: Silverado hooked up to a fast-charger, able to deliver 160kms range in around 10 minutes. It’s a two-way street that can also supply power in the event of a blackout that’ll power a house for days.

GM CEO Mary Barra had the job of cutting the ribbon today to reveal the new Silverado in electric form. I had the pleasure of going fully Yellowstone a couple of years back with an HSV Silverado in diesel form and enjoyed the experience immensely.

Above: It’s the same but different. This one’s a genuine fossil-fuel relic with 1,234 Newtons of grunt

Once you got past the enormity and that included picking your car park spaces carefully, it was a hoot, and perfectly suited to an Aussie lifestyle. A little on the large size for some trails and the risk of some bush pinstriping very real, the joy in the ICE version was torque. You would expect some joy with a 6.6L Duramax V8 under the bonnet (with only 339kW and 1,234Nm on offer) wouldn’t you and time and time again I loved nailing it at the stoplight Grands-Prix and smoking any challengers. Seems ridiculous that a vehicle weighing three-and-a-half tonnes could sprint so hard.

Above: Disappearing into another dimension is how you might describe a three-plus tonne ute hauling ass to 100km/h in 4.5 seconds!

The numbers that matter are all a bit different with EVs because they sound more like an electrical appliance than a motor vehicle. New Silverado uses a 4 x 50kWh battery pack that’s electrified at 800V and is charged via a 350kW fast-charger (meaning in 10 minutes you’ll have 160kms range) and fully charged it’s supposed to be good for 650kms. That’s starting to sound pretty attractive and even better, it’s no Prius, as the stoplight drags are epic – a reported 4.5 seconds to 100km/h!

I mentioned you could turn it into a portable battery.

Above: Not your traditional stick-shift… there’s only three options, Park, Reverse and Drive.

GM list the availability of 10.2kW of offboard power and that’s like the equivalent of two sets of solar arrays you might see sitting on a house roof. If you were a tradie and running power tools all day and the ghetto blaster at full tilt, that’s likely a week’s worth of noise and building.

Above: Plenty of outlets for your appliance; hair dryer or Husky!

GM say there’ll be a poverty-pack commercial-spec Silverado (staying with the tradie theme) that’ll haul 10,000kgs worth of trailer. Seem to remember ScoMo talking typical politicians shit about stuff he knows nothing at the last election and bagging EVs and their inability to tow a caravan or a boat… correct ScoMo if you were referencing Prius, wrong if it’s a Silverado!!! Apparently, the Luxo model will still pull 5,000kgs and that’s better than your typical dual-cab today.

Above: I hope it does have vinyl floors along with all that towing ability!

Mary said the chassis will feature IFS and IRS, so the clearance will likely be good, neutered slightly by limited articulation off shortish arms. The wheel package is on the nose, 24” wheels don’t excite me one little bit as they’re likely passenger car rubbish. Hopefully, there’ll be trail-ready options in a more convenient and available size.

The e4WD (that’s electronic 4WD) system uses front and rear drive motors with what GM call Automotive Adaptive Air Suspension that’s likely load-levelling. It’s the equivalent of a 2” lift, the vehicle automatically adjusting to a satisfactory height for the bums on seats or load in the tub or forced to a driver-selectable height.

Above: New Hummer EV shares much of its platform for the Silverado EV

Like the new Hummer EV, which the Silverado shares a lot of chassis design, Silverado EV uses four-wheel-steering which will dismiss any parallel parking angst in the flick of a control. Crab-like, Silverado will step sideways into that slot.

There’ll be all the usual safety clap-trap, but GM is making some noise about what they call Super-Cruise, a trailering capable, hands-free driver-assistance package, that upon the vehicle’s release will allow drivers to travel on 320,000kms of compatible roads in the US and Canada.

Above: When your under bonnet space is called a frunk, that’s USA-speak for a trunk in the front.

The cargo capability is impressive, the bonnet space is now really the boot space, because there’s no motor sitting under the hood. It’s multi-configurable with cargo nets and dividers for whatever load you might want to stow. The tub is adjustable too, the wall below the back window can be dropped so you can accommodate a six-foot shortboard up to a ten-foot longboard, although back seat passengers will have to walk.

Above: Watercraft of plenty of dimensions will fit this space and that’s a good thing because roof racks are a long way away!

Whilst all this EV talk is still likely years away from being applied in earnest here in Oz, it’s interesting, I reckon, to ponder the galloping change of auto design at the moment. Who would have thought twenty years ago, when Toyota announced its Hybrid drive systems, that the technology would be so commonplace today and didn’t go the way of the VHS or Blueray player. Speaking of Toyota, you can bet your bottom dollar that the next-gen Hilux will be EV and we should look at that soon.

In the meantime have a read about the fossil-fuel Silverado we drove in Issue 5 of Loaded 4X4 Magazine here

*Footnote: Apparently 12 minutes after the reveal, the special release edition of the Silverado EV was all sold out. Now, that might have been a single vehicle, or ten, or a hundred??? I suppose we’ll learn in time.

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