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2012 Nissan D40 RX Navara Owner Review

2012 Nissan D40 RX Navara Review

Owner review by: Peter

Make: Nissan
Model: RX D40 Navara
Year: 2012
Spec level: RX
Engine capacity: 2.5-litre
Fuel type: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Bought: New
Owned: 2 years 6 months
Uses: Towing | Touring and camping

PROS: Towing ability | Practicality| How it drives
CONS: Fuel economy | Seats | Turning circle

Would you buy this car again? YES

Owner’s Thoughts:

The RX is the base model of the D40 and at the time of purchase they were being offered at $30000 drive away.

The engine was the same as in the ST variant but down on power with 126kw as opposed to 140kw in the ST. (apparently this had to do with a different turbo?). Another difference was the vinyl floors in the RX which for me was a plus having had an ST Patrol with carpets I did and still do prefer the vinyl for ease of cleaning.

The D22’s were also being offered below the $30k mark but they were a whole lot smaller and a lot more down on power with only 96kw coming from the same size engine.

Things I grew to know about the D40’s. Number 1 and probably the most perplexing is that the RX is made in Thailand and the ST and STX made in Spain and that not all parts are interchangeable so be wary of buying parts online and if having accessories fitted make sure that you let them know which variant you have, this could save some heartache and extra fitting costs.

As with the previous Patrol I had the original tyres are crap and you will be lucky to get 20000k’s out of them before putting on new rubber. The same can be said for the factory suspension, it will not be long before you are sick of hitting the bumps stops with even a small load in the tub on rough roads.

The engine does perform quite well but I am finding it hard to get anywhere below 10.5l per 100k’s and this is getting harder with every Mod that I do. Around town it’s about 12.5 and Hiway roughly 11.0. Still not too bad (The patrol was petrol).

The gear box seems good although it does take some use to getting it into 3rd gear as the lever doesn’t seem to go up as far as it does in 1st and 5th. But that may just be my imagination.

Off road ability has certainly been enhanced by a suspension and tyre upgrade as with the factory suspension it all sat too low for anything serious.

My only gripe would be throttle response can be a bit slow when the going gets tough and you let the revs die just a bit too much, but that could also be a bit of driver error.

The drive is quite comfortable and there is plenty of room in the cabin. Stereo and bluetooth perform very well. One thing to watch and I have noted this on many forums is that the speedo can be out by as much as 10% ( mine is about 5%) so be careful around speed cameras.

Would I buy another? Probably yes, they are pretty easy to own and easy to adapt and modify to set yourself up with a great tourer or work horse. Plus with the arrival of the new model (NP300) there will probably be quite a few second hand D40’s getting around.

Happy Touring all.

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