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2008 Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Limited Owner Review

2008 Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Limited Review

Owner review by: Taran

Make: Jeep
Model: WK2 Grand Cherokee
Year: 2008
Spec level: Limited
Engine capacity: 3.6-litre
Fuel type: Petrol
Transmission: Automatic
Bought: Used
Owned: 3 months
Uses: Family car | Sports & outdoors

PROS: Looks | Cargo space | Comfort
CONS: Reliability | Fuel economy | Running costs

Would you buy this car again? NO
What 4X4 would you buy now? Toyota Prado or Mitsubishi Pajero

Owner’s Thoughts:

We bought the WK2 Grand Cherokee as we have a very active lifestyle and enjoy camping and the outdoors.

The car is a very comfortable ride and looks fantastic. The engine has good power delivery and drives well and is smooth. The Limited model has lovely interior that would rival a much more expensive car. The features of a Grand Cherokee Limited are fantastic for what they are worth.

However from our experience the cheaper price is due to a lack of build quality and reliability.

We have had multiple problems with parts coming loose and creating frustrating and loud noises. There has been two recalls in the 3 months we have owned it which have been rectified. We have returned the car to the shop three times for an issue with starting the car, which still has not been solved.

We have found that the stock clearance height isn’t quite as much as we expected and is a bit low for beach driving which we hoped to do in the Jeep. A two inch lift kit would solve this low front bumper issue, however is an added cost we didn’t expect to spend.

All in all, if we were to go back in time we would have bought a different car. As much as we enjoy and like the internal features of the Jeep for the same price we would have preferred to go an older model Prado or Pajero. Dropped some of the internal features for the quality and reliability of a well built, trusted and proven car.

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