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2008 Ford Ranger XLT Owner Review

2008 Ford Ranger XLT Review

Owner review by: Josh

Make: Ford
Model: Ranger
Year: 2008
Spec level: XLT
Engine capacity: 3.0-litre
Fuel type: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Bought: Used
Owned: 2 years
Uses: Touring and camping | Off-road | Towing

PROS: Towing ability | Quality | Reliability
CONS: Fuel economy | Steering | Turning circle

Would you buy this car again? YES

Owner’s Thoughts:

It’s a great ute, good to drive, easy to service, parts are easily available, good off road with a 40mm lift and a set of good all terrains, comfortable to drive on the highway and fairly safe with abs side air bags.

I’ve only had the one issue, which was the auto hubs not engaging which wasn’t fun when out bush!! All it was, was a faulty solenoid which cost $50 to replace and we were back out again!

Very reliable apart from that and they are quite cheap to buy. Similar in price to a same year base model Hilux but the Ranger comes with so much more.

The power is there when you need it and the 3.0 litre diesel goes really well with a 3 inch exhaust and snorkel.

One complaint is that the b-pillar is to wide and you can miss a car in it if you’re not carefull!

The front seats are really comfortable and it’s generally very easy to drive. So much so that even the Mrs will drive it!

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